Monday, 17 September 2007

on Dealing with the devil, Observation and Facebook,

I wonder why people are so naive. For some reason, they always belief I'd double-cross anyone but them, that I can help them get what they want while they still remain in control, that they are the exception. I really do not get it. I cannot imagine that I, in any way, come across as either trustworthy or reliable, but somehow I apparently do. 
There is this friend I Karl-Roved last summer, one of my greater accomplishments in life. As a form of what I presume to be childish rebellion - or good old values - he completely forgot who put him there in the first place.  I must admit that I was kind of put down at first, but of course, being me, I found new cunning ways to get around that. As far as I know he thinks he taught me a lesson of some sort and is now back in the driving seat. Incidentally, he also came up to me yesterday to gloat about a plan he was going to support - or thought of himself, I am not quite sure - for which I had planted the seeds about a week earlier. I'm fine with going about my business in the shades, but really, you're just fooling yourself. Yes, you are allowed to conclude I am an arrogant prick.

Prague was excellent. I think it is the best undiscovered city in Europe, second to London only - which is sadly, already completely mapped. The scenery was grand, but the group dynamics were even more interesting. After observing people for a while their intentions in dealing with each other become clearer and clearer. Which is funny, because half of the time they do not even realise this. One of my friends really tried to fit in, and another one really tried to bond. They both did the same: copy each others vernacular. After a while it got really disgusting to the point of being cute. All in all, we drank, drank, partied, culture-vultured and I'm already waiting for the moment I will only remember the good parts.

Luckily, if I were to ever forget how horribly drunk I was when I decided I need to grab a girl and a guy to keep me warm, I can always go online an look it up on facebook. Or perhaps, if I ever were to wonder what I looked like when I was drunk on 8-19-2006, 3-6-2007, 7-21-3005 or any other day of the week for the past two years, I need only search. Really, what is the point of having a database full of pictures when the only topic is drunken hedonism - and the incidental pretentious 'look what third world country I visited' holiday pictures. I think no one yet realises that it is all a corporate scam aimed at depriving all of us college grads from a decent job. How could I ever be so foolish to trust a Harvard grad. What did I say again in the beginning? Apparently, I am just as sheepish as the rest


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